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Alloy Wheels
We can source a complete range of alloy wheels from top manufacturers specifically designed to add style and individuality to both you and your vehicle. Visit the centre showroom or contact one of our knowledgeable staff to find out about the range, what will suit your particular vehicle, how to upgrade your wheels and our special wheel and tyre packages!
R & J Batteries are designed and manufactured to exacting standards our top quality batteries deliver outstanding performance and total reliability. A wide range of fitments are always available from stock, to suit all popular makes and models of vehicles, all carrying the very best guarantees.
With our fully trained, highly skilled, brake-safe technicians, we are able to offer a complete and comprehensive brake inspection report and replacement service. What ever you drive, our top quality, fully guaranteed brakes available from stock, will ensure you and your family, total safety for where you need it most on your vehicle.
Oil Change
Lubricating oil is a vital component of every engine. We offer a range of high quality oils which will ensure your engine keeps running clean and trouble free. Contact our knowledgeable staff or just drop by to find out which oil will provide the protection your engine needs.
Shock Absorbers
We offer a full and comprehensive range of top quality, fully guaranteed shock absorbers to suit all types of vehicles from stock. With our highly trained and dedicated technicians, we are able to both check and replace your shock absorbers to ensure your vehicles handling is both efficient and effective, on all types of modern road surfaces or outback terrain.
Tyre Repair Services
What-ever your tyre repair requirements, from punctures to leaking rims, our fully trained tyre experts are always on hand, to rectify your problems, both quickly and professionally. Whether standard or high performance, all tyres are removed and checked thoroughly both inside and out, before being repaired to the very highest stringent standards. Ensuring both peace of mind for you and total safety for your vehicle!
We offer a range of top quality tyres for all types of vehicles, specialising in Hankook and Silverstone brands. We stock and supply radials and retreads plus many other budget brands.
Vehicle Servicing
Most cars need servicing every 10,000 km or 6 months. In addition to this, there are other items that should be checked at specified intervals. A full service will pick up other faults/wear & tear that may cause problems in the future. We provide a comprehensive range of services for all makes and models and can meet all your mechanical needs.
Wheel Alignment
With the latest technology and fully trained technicians, we are able to correct all alignment problems, ranging from un-even tyre wear, vehicle pulling either left or right to a crooked steering wheel. This not only reduces general wear and tear and improves your fuel consumption, but most importantly improves you and your vehicles road safety!
Wheel Balancing
With experienced technicians, using the latest state-of-the-art technology, wheels are balanced to the very finest tolerances and the correct weights fitted as specified by the car manufacturers. To ensure maximum mileage from your tyres and smooth stress free driving at all speeds.