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Hankook Ventus R-s3

With an aggressive pattern, this street performance tyre boasts a wider centre block and tread than the Ventus R-s2, providing greater traction and steering response on and off the track.
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Hankook Enfren

The environmentally-friendly, fuel-efficient enfren was created with Hankook Tyre’s leading technology to save money and curb pollution.
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Hankook VENTUS V8 RS

A UHP tyre that provides stable steering, high speed driving and a comfortable ride. Responsive braking ensures greater safety.
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GT Radial Champiro GTX

Superior steering stability at high speeds for high performance. Large tread block design increases tyre stability and enhances wet and dry cornering grip.
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GT Radial Champiro BAX

Solid centre rib, Narrow grooves and step grooves, Double steel belts & polyester carcass, Better stability, Fast steering response
Protection against aquaplaning, Good handling and comfortable ride.
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